Video Talk

No ID, No Password.
Connect and Talk, Just Like That.


Video conferences on your browser.
"Video Talk" is adopted by various corporations.

Has anyone ever had a smooth start
when using a multipoint video conference system?

We've all experienced that day where it's 10 minutes pass the start time,
and we still find ourselves having a hard time setting up the system.

"Video Talk" is an easy and simple video conference service.
All you have to do is click the link on you browsers to get started.

Easy to start

Just click a link and Video Talk will start on you browser. No ID, no password.

Servers can be put anywhere

Open on the internet, closed in local, it's your choice.

Saves time

Easy to use and no need to move. You can use it for short conversations, too.

Start a conference in a wink of an eye.

With "Video Talk" there's no need to make an account or log-in, or even install an app. Get a link from our homepage and pass it out to the members, that's all you have to do to start a video meeting on your browser.

We support many popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and FireFox. No plug-in installation required on supported web browsers, and no application installation required when connecting from mobile browsers.

Links can be kept. If you're planning frequent conferences, keep one and have your participants bookmark it so you won't have to notify everyone before every meeting.

Great Quality with a Reasonable Price. Highly Secured.

Video Talk is one of the most reasonable video conference systems you can find. We offer online conference rooms from just several hundred yen. With our high quality video and audio plan, up to 4 people will be able to connect at the same time. To meet the needs, we also have plans available for larger video conferences.

On-premise is an option if you prefer a higher level of security. Video Talk can be used in a completely closed environment. We offer Individual support for needs such as server construction.

From high security to casual use, Video Talk is always the perfect solution.

Find a perfect solution.

How to use Video Talk

1. Get a Link

Issue a link on Video Talks homepage.

2. Share the Link

Pass out the link to all the participants.

3. Start Video Talking

To start the video call, just click the link on any major browser.

Where Video Talk Can Be Used

Remote Workers
Remote Location Operation Checks
Urgent Meetings
As an extension
Multipoint Meetings

About us

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FeasibleLAB, INC
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March, 2015
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Founder & CEO
Shunsuke Yoshikawa
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Contact Us

"Video Talk" will keep expanding to make video conferences simple and convenient. From sharing screens to large video conferences, whatever your need is we have the solution. For help or support, please use the form below to contact us.